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Generic Atarax Description:

Generic Atarax is a medication that is most commonly used as an antihistamine, meaning that it will alleviate the symptoms of allergies. However, due to some other properties, Generic Atarax may also be used for treating anxiety, as an adjunct in sedation and in anesthesia. It can also be used to treat nausea.

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Synonyms: Hydrux; Oltrax; Alamon; Atara; Ataraxoid; Atarox; Atazina; Aterax; Deinait; Durrax; Equipoise; Fenarol; Hidroxizina; Hy-Pam 25;

What is Generic Atarax?

Generic Atarax is one of the oldest antihistamine medications on the market and it is still one of the most commonly prescribed medications for allergies. However, Atarax can also be used for different purposes, other than allergies. For example, it holds certain anxiolytic properties, which means that it can be used to alleviate anxiety and treat generalized anxiety disorder. It also has certain analgesic properties and it is therefore used along with other sedatives and analgesics in order to maximize their effectiveness. However, unlike other medications that hold these properties, it does not cause dependence, addiction and toxicity. When it is used for treating allergies, Atarax alleviates runny nose, sneezing and other allergic properties. It is also effective at alleviating skin allergies and hives that are caused by allergies.

Medication guide generic Atarax:

Talking to your doctor about Generic Atarax

Before you order Atarax online, it would be best to have a talk with your doctor in order to find out if you can safely take this medication. Namely, there are certain conditions that might be affected by the use of Generic Atarax or that might be affected by this antihistamine. It is therefore important to let your doctor know about any of the following conditions that you might be suffering from: kidney or liver diseases, enlarged prostate, thyroid disorder, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach or intestine blockage, glaucoma, emphysema, asthma, seizure disorders like epilepsy. Your doctor might wish to run some tests before you can take Generic Atarax or your regimen may need to be specially adjusted if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned. It is also inadvisable to use Atarax if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as there is possibility that taking Atarax may adversely affect the wellbeing of the fetus or the nursing child.

How to take Atarax properly

The only way to take Atarax properly is to take it exactly as your doctor has prescribed. You should never take more Generic Atarax than prescribed or more often than prescribed as this may lead to side effects and even an overdose. When you are taking Atarax, you should avoid drinking alcohol as alcohol may increase the risks of certain side effects occurring. If you experience any impairment of your thinking or your reactions upon taking Atarax, make sure that you are feeling okay before you take part in any hazardous activities. If you are taking Atarax in liquid form, you will need to measure your doses precisely, using proper devices. If you happen to miss a dose of Atarax, take one as soon as you remember it. However, do not compensate by taking a double dosage.

Interactions and side effects of Generic Atarax

Side effects of Generic Atarax are rare and they are mostly mild side effects such as headaches, dry mouth, blurred vision, drowsiness and dizziness. These are not serious and these side effects are expected to go away on their own. However, if you experience any of the much rarer but much more serious side effects of Generic Atarax, make sure you inform your physician. These include convulsions, confusion, tremors, restless movements of the muscles (eyes, jaw, neck and tongue). As far as interactions with other medications go, Atarax is known to interact with other medications that might cause sedation, such as narcotic painkillers, sedatives, muscle relaxants, seizure medications, antidepressants, cold medicines, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications. If you wish to make sure no drugs will interact with Atarax, you should talk to your doctor or the pharmacist about combining Atarax with any other drugs.

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Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug!

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