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Generic Periactin Description:

Generic Periactin is a medication that is most commonly used in treating allergies, such as hay fever, but which can be used in a number of different medical conditions, including: nightmares, prevention of migraines, serotonin syndrome, SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction and other different medical conditions that your doctor thinks may be treated with Generic Periactin.

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Synonyms: Apt, Dronactin, Eiproheptadine, Periactinol, Peritol, Cyproheptadine

When is generic Periactin used?

Generic Periactin is an antihistamine, and as such, it is most commonly used in treating different allergies, in most cases the hay fever. It is very effective at alleviating the symptoms of hay fever and some other types of allergies. However, due to some of its other properties, there are other uses for this medication. For instance, it has been shown that Periactin is very effective at treating nightmares, including those caused by post traumatic stress disorder. In addition to this, Periactin can be used in treating serotonin syndrome, which is a complex of different symptoms caused by the use of drugs such as SSRIs and MAOIs. In addition to this, Periactin may also be used in preventing migraines in adolescents and children, as well as in treating sexual dysfunction caused by SSRIs and excessive sweating caused by other medications. Another use for Periactin is in treating cyclical vomiting syndrome.

Generic Periactin Medication guide:

Discussing the sue of Generic Periactin with the physician

Even though you may be able to order Periactin online without prescription, you should still talk to your physician before you take it. This is very important as there is a number of different conditions that might be affected by the use of Periactin. For instance, you should not be taking Periactin in case you have been taking any MAO inhibitors in the last 14 days, or if you are suffering from any of these: enlarged prostate, stomach obstructions or ulcers, narrow angle glaucoma, if you are older or suffer from any debilitating diseases. In some other cases, you might still be able to take Periactin, but you should still talk to your doctor to make sure. These cases include such medical conditions like overactive thyroid, heart disease, history of asthma, high blood pressure and glaucoma.

How to use Generic Periactin to achieve the best results

If you wish to make sure that you will avoid any side effects and that your generic Periactin treatment will be as efficient as possible, you need to take generic Periactin exactly as your doctor prescribed. Any changes that you make on your own, without first discussing it with your physician will increase the likelihood of side effects. In addition, it is possible that your reactions and thinking may be impaired when taking Periactin. If you experience this, wait till these side effects have subsided before you do anything dangerous or hazardous. Keep in mind that drinking alcohol may enhance these side effects, which is why you will do best to avoid drinking alcohol when taking Periactin.

Periactin interactions and side effects

Interactions between Periactin and other drugs and substances usually involve the increased chances of experiencing sedative side effects of the combination of these drugs. Among medications that might interact with Periactin, you will find such drugs like seizure medications, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, sleeping pills, sedatives, cold medicines as well as narcotic painkillers. It is best to talk with your doctor about any drugs that you intend to combine with Periactin.

The side effects of Periactin are rare and in most cases include only less serious side effects such as: constipation, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, dry mouth, changes in your appetite, blurred vision, increased urination and sweating, tingly feeling, tiredness, insomnia, restlessness, excitedness, dizziness and mild drowsiness. Some more serious side effects are also possible, although extremely unlikely. These include unusual weakness, jaundice, urinating less, easy bleeding or bruising, pounding heartbeats, fainting feeling, ringing in the ears, convulsions, hallucinations, unusual behavior or thoughts and confusion. If you feel any of these, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug!

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